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Data Updated Through March 28, 2017
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1.Dane De La RosaANAAL201375072.
2.Kevin ChapmanHOUAL201325020.
3.Cody AllenCLEAL201377070.37.93.311.30.902.432.820.001.330.013.0.307
4.David CarpenterANAAL2013100.354.
5.Onelki GarciaLANNL2013301.36.827.06.86.7513.5013.500.00-1.500.0-0.2.000
6.Paco RodriguezLANNL201376054.
7.Seth ManessSLNNL201366062.
8.Justin GrimmCHNNL20131009.
9.Heath HembreeSFNNL2013907.74.72.314.
10.Josh EdginNYNNL201334028.
11.Caleb ThielbarMINAL201349046.
12.C.c. LeeCLEAL2013804.
13.Sean DoolittleOAKAL201370069.
14.Josh LuekeTBAAL201319021.
15.Buddy BoshersANAAL201325015.
16.Jeff BeliveauTBAAL2013100.713.513.
17.Drake BrittonBOSAL201318021.
18.Brett MarshallNYAAL20133012.
19.Mickey StoreyTORAL2013304.013.52.313.50.006.756.750.000.500.0-1.7.500
20.Cory BurnsTEXAL201310011.
21.Michael BelfioreBALAL2013101.320.
22.Nick ChristianiCINNL2013304.
23.Preston GuilmetCLEAL2013405.313.
24.Brad BoxbergerSDNNL201318022.
25.Keith ButlerSLNNL201316020.
26.Eury De La RosaARINL201319014.
27.Gonzalez GermenNYNNL201329034.
28.Brooks RaleyCHNNL20139014.
29.Chang-yong LimCHNNL2013605.010.812.
30.Charles BrewerARINL2013406.
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