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Data Updated Through January 28, 2015
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1.Jamey WrightTBAAL201300.0%0.000
2.Kyle FarnsworthPITNL201300.0%0.000
3.Kyle FarnsworthTBAAL201300.0%0.000
4.Scott DownsANAAL201300.0%0.000
5.Scott DownsATLNL201300.0%0.000
6.Joe NathanTEXAL201300.0%0.000
7.Oliver PerezSEAAL201300.0%0.000
8.Ryan DempsterBOSAL201300.0%0.000
9.Brandon LyonNYNNL201300.0%0.000
10.Rafael SorianoWASNL201300.0%0.000
11.Joaquin BenoitDETAL201300.0%0.000
12.Derek LoweTEXAL201300.0%0.000
13.Darren OliverTORAL201300.0%0.000
14.Jeremy AffeldtSFNNL201300.0%0.000
15.Fernando RodneyTBAAL201300.0%0.000
16.Latroy HawkinsNYNNL201300.0%0.000
17.Randy ChoateSLNNL201300.0%0.000
18.Mariano RiveraNYAAL201300.0%0.000
19.Luis AyalaATLNL201300.0%0.000
20.Javier LopezSFNNL201300.0%0.000
21.Jose ContrerasPITNL201300.0%0.000
22.Grant BalfourOAKAL201300.0%0.000
23.Tim ByrdakNYNNL201300.0%0.000
24.Chad DurbinPHINL201300.0%0.000
25.Jason GrilliPITNL201300.0%0.000
26.Pedro FelicianoNYNNL201300.0%0.000
27.Francisco RodriguezBALAL201300.0%0.000
28.Francisco RodriguezMILNL201300.0%0.000
29.Chad QuallsMIANL201300.0%0.000
30.Mike AdamsPHINL201300.0%0.000
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