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Data Updated Through March 8, 2015
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1.Wilson BetemitBALAL20131100.0%0.911
2.Scott KazmirCLEAL20131100.0%0.911
3.Craig StammenWASNL20131100.0%0.891
4.Chris GimenezTBAAL20131100.0%0.881
5.Alex CobbTBAAL20131100.0%0.881
6.Jeff ManshipCOLNL20131100.0%0.901
7.Corey BrownWASNL20131100.0%0.891
8.Neftali SotoCINNL20131100.0%0.891
9.Danny WorthDETAL20131100.0%0.891
10.Brad HandMIANL20131100.0%0.881
11.Tommy MiloneOAKAL20131100.0%0.911
12.Steve SusdorfPHINL20131100.0%0.881
13.Kyle SkipworthMIANL20131100.0%0.881
14.Max StassiHOUAL20131100.0%0.891
15.Josh PrinceMILNL20131100.0%0.891
16.Zach WaltersWASNL20131100.0%0.891
17.Seth ManessSLNNL20131100.0%0.871
18.Chris NelsonNYAAL2013375.0%2.564
19.Jonathan SchoopBALAL2013266.7%1.723
20.Ramon HernandezLANNL2013654.5%4.8311
21.John McdonaldPHINL2013350.0%2.266
22.John McdonaldPITNL2013150.0%0.772
23.Matt DiazMIANL2013150.0%0.762
24.Ezequiel CarreraCLEAL2013150.0%0.812
25.Steve ClevengerBALAL2013150.0%0.812
26.Jenrry MejiaNYNNL2013250.0%1.614
27.Eric FryerMINAL2013150.0%0.822
28.Michael TaylorOAKAL2013150.0%0.822
29.Andy ParrinoOAKAL2013150.0%0.822
30.Wilfredo TovarNYNNL2013250.0%1.614
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