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Data Updated Through November 2, 2015
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1.Cory RasmusATLNL2013306.710.
2.Zac RosscupCHNNL20131006.
3.Brian OmogrossoCHAAL201312016.315.
4.Wilmer FontTEXAL2013201.36.813.
5.Andrew AlbersMINAL2013101060.
6.Shawn TollesonLANNL2013100.
7.Eury De La RosaARINL201319014.
8.Josh ZeidHOUAL201325027.
9.Erik DavisWASNL20131008.710.
10.Hector RondonCHNNL201345054.
11.Anthony VarvaroATLNL201362073.
12.Bryan MorrisPITNL201355065.
13.Greg BurkeNYNNL201332031.712.
14.Tom LayneSDNNL20131408.710.
15.Jeremy HorstPHINL201328026.
16.Brandon MaurerSEAAL2013221490.
17.Martin PerezTEXAL20132020124.
18.Ryan ReidPITNL20137011.
19.Luis GarciaPHINL201324031.
20.Josh WallLANNL2013607.
21.Chaz RoeARINL201321022.
22.Zach PhillipsMIANL2013301.716.
23.Jim HendersonMILNL201361060.06.63.611.31.202.702.700.001.370.09.3.261
24.Xavier CedenoWASNL20131106.
25.Anthony ReckerNYNNL2013101.
26.Brandon KintzlerMILNL201371077.
27.Scott RiceNYNNL201373051.
28.Jean MachiSFNNL201351053.
29.Cesar JimenezPHINL201319017.
30.Kyuji FujikawaCHNNL201312012.08.31.510.50.755.
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