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Data Updated Through November 2, 2015
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1.Ian KrolWASNL201332027.
2.Erik DavisWASNL20131008.710.
3.Xavier CedenoWASNL20131106.
4.Taylor JordanWASNL20139951.710.
5.Tanner RoarkWASNL201314553.
6.Nate KarnsWASNL20133312.
7.Sean NolinTORAL2013111.347.
8.Juan PerezTORAL201319031.
9.Neil WagnerTORAL201336038.
10.Mickey StoreyTORAL2013304.013.52.313.50.006.756.750.000.500.02.2.500
11.Chad JenkinsTORAL201310333.
12.Jeremy JeffressTORAL201310010.37.04.410.50.870.870.870.001.800.01.4.280
13.Thad WeberTORAL2013506.
14.Todd RedmondTORAL2013171477.
15.Aaron LoupTORAL201364069.
16.Cory BurnsTEXAL201310011.
17.Nick TepeschTEXAL2013191793.
18.Joe OrtizTEXAL201332044.
19.Wilmer FontTEXAL2013201.36.813.
20.Martin PerezTEXAL20132020124.
21.Ross WolfTEXAL201322347.711.
22.Justin GrimmTEXAL2013171789.
23.Tanner ScheppersTEXAL201376076.
24.Jeff BeliveauTBAAL2013100.713.513.
25.Chris ArcherTBAAL20132323128.
26.Jake OdorizziTBAAL20137429.
27.Alex TorresTBAAL201339058.
28.Josh LuekeTBAAL201319021.
29.Alex ColomeTBAAL20133316.
30.Enny RomeroTBAAL2013114.
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