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Data Updated Through October 6, 2015
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1.Thad WeberSDNNL2013309.
2.Ethan MartinPHINL201315840.09.55.910.
3.Dan JenningsMIANL201347040.
4.Brad BoxbergerSDNNL201318022.
5.Chad BettisCOLNL201316844.711.
6.John GastSLNNL20133312.
7.Jimmy NelsonMILNL20134110.
8.Nick ChristianiCINNL2013304.
9.Gerrit ColePITNL20131919117.
10.Jeurys FamiliaNYNNL20139010.710.
11.Alex WoodATLNL2013311177.
12.Robert CarsonNYNNL201314019.
13.Alfredo FigaroMILNL201333574.
14.David HolmbergARINL2013113.714.
15.Jose DominguezLANNL2013908.311.
16.Joe PatersonARINL2013202.
17.Eric SurkampSFNNL2013112.730.
18.Maikel CletoSLNNL2013102.319.33.919.33.8619.2919.290.00-2.700.0-2.1.667
19.Michael BlazekSLNNL201311010.
20.Mauricio RoblesPHINL2013304.713.55.811.60.001.935.790.000.620.01.6.438
21.Collin MchughNYNNL2013317.
22.Duke WelkerPITNL2013201.
23.Ian KrolWASNL201332027.
24.Miles MikolasSDNNL2013201.
25.Shelby MillerSLNNL20133131173.
26.Trevor RosenthalSLNNL201374075.37.52.412.90.482.632.990.
27.Steven AmesMIANL2013404.
28.Cesar JimenezPHINL201319017.
29.Charles BrewerARINL2013406.
30.Michael WachaSLNNL201315964.
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