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Data Updated Through March 2, 2015
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1.MLBBoof BonserMINAL20061818100.
2.MLBJeff KarstensNYAAL20068642.
3.MLBCc SabathiaCLEAL20062828192.
4.MLBScott SauerbeckCLEAL200624013.
5.MLBJeremy BondermanDETAL20063434214.
6.MLBKelvim EscobarANAAL20063030189.
7.MLBShawn CampTBAAL200675075.
8.MLBRon MahayTEXAL200662057.
9.MLBTanyon SturtzeNYAAL200618010.714.
10.MLBBarry ZitoOAKAL20063434221.
11.MLBShawn ChaconNYAAL2006171163.
12.MLBScott ElartonKCAAL20062020114.
13.MLBKyle SnyderKCAAL2006112.
14.MLBGlen PerkinsMINAL2006405.
15.MLBDustin HermansonCHAAL2006606.
16.MLBScott KazmirTBAAL20062424144.
17.MLBKevin GreggANAAL200632378.310.
18.MLBDenny BautistaKCAAL20068735.
19.MLBSendy RlealBALAL200642046.
20.MLBEddy RodriguezBALAL20069015.
21.MLBJim HoeyBALAL20061209.713.
22.MLBJarrod WashburnSEAAL20063131187.
23.MLBEdward MujicaCLEAL200610018.312.
24.MLBRyan FeierabendSEAAL20064217.
25.MLBAbe AlvarezBOSAL2006103.
26.MLBMatt ClementBOSAL2006121265.310.
27.MLBNick MassetTEXAL2006808.
28.MLBAndrew BrownCLEAL20069010.
29.MLBDan HarenOAKAL20063434223.
30.MLBZach MinerDETAL2006271693.
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