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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through July 23, 2017
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1.MLBBrandon League20112865090461.
2.MLBJose Valverde201133750120972.
3.MLBJoel Hanrahan201129700102868.
4.MLBHeath Bell201133640109962.
5.MLBRyan Madson20113062096760.
6.MLBJohn Grabow20113258095062.
7.MLBMatt Guerrier201132700101966.
8.MLBPedro Beato201124600102567.
9.MLBMarc Rzepczynski20112571094262.
10.MLBMichael Stutes201124570107362.
11.MLBJohn Axford201128740124073.
12.MLBWilton Lopez201127730110071.
13.MLBGrant Balfour201133620102262.
14.MLBChad Durbin201133560122568.
15.MLBFrancisco Rodriguez201129730117271.
16.MLBCraig Kimbrel201123790131477.
17.MLBChad Qualls201132770109574.
18.MLBMatt Belisle201131740118372.
19.MLBMike Adams201132750106173.
20.MLBDavid Robertson201126700121366.
21.MLBJordan Walden201123620108960.
22.MLBSergio Santos20112763099363.
23.MLBMitchell Boggs20112751097160.
24.MLBJeff Samardzija201126750153088.
25.MLBJuan Oviedo201129680103964.
26.MLBDavid Pauley201128530104674.
27.MLBJoel Peralta201135710107167.
28.MLBChris Resop201128760127169.
29.MLBErnesto Frieri201125590113363.
30.MLBBlake Wood201125550120169.
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