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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 31, 2015
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1.MLBGuillermo Mota201137520132280.
2.MLBTyler Clippard201126720135688.
3.MLBCristhian Martinez201129460110577.
4.MLBJoakim Soria201127600104060.
5.MLBBurke Badenhop201128500101063.
6.MLBJonny Venters201126850132388.
7.MLBSean Marshall201128780118875.
8.MLBJason Motte201129780112368.
9.MLBJose Veras201130790122971.
10.MLBKoji Uehara20113665093765.
11.MLBHisanori Takahashi201136610109768.
12.MLBRafael Perez20112971090363.
13.MLBPedro Beato201124600102567.
14.MLBGreg Holland20112546094660.
15.MLBTim Collins201121680124567.
16.MLBMariano Rivera20114164091561.
17.MLBFrancisco Rodriguez201129730117271.
18.MLBRyan Madson20113062096760.
19.MLBWilton Lopez201127730110071.
20.MLBMichael Stutes201124570107362.
21.MLBDaniel Mccutchen201128730131984.
22.MLBJesse Crain201129670114665.
23.MLBNick Masset201129750113270.
24.MLBDavid Pauley201128530104674.
25.MLBMatt Guerrier201132700101966.
26.MLBJoel Hanrahan201129700102868.
27.MLBJoe Smith201127710100367.
28.MLBMike Dunn201126720113563.
29.MLBLogan Ondrusek20112666098561.
30.MLBRamon Ramirez201129660111468.
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