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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Season

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Data Updated Through September 2, 2014
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1.2014Giancarlo Stanton7.64
2.2014Mike Trout7.41
3.2014Kyle Seager6.40
4.2014Andrew Mccutchen6.07
5.2014Jason Heyward6.00
6.2014Josh Donaldson5.86
7.2014Hunter Pence5.24
8.2014Justin Upton5.17
9.2014Jonathan Lucroy5.14
10.2014Yasiel Puig5.12
11.2014Alex Gordon5.07
12.2014Paul Goldschmidt5.07
13.2014Buster Posey4.99
14.2014Robinson Cano4.93
15.2014Denard Span4.89
16.2014Jose Abreu4.87
17.2014Anthony Rizzo4.81
18.2014Josh Harrison4.75
19.2014Carlos Gomez4.67
20.2014Chase Utley4.65
21.2014Corey Kluber4.62
22.2014Russell Martin4.58
23.2014Jhonny Peralta4.55
24.2014Anthony Rendon4.54
25.2014Jimmy Rollins4.45
26.2014Clayton Kershaw4.40
27.2014Chris Sale4.34
28.2014Devin Mesoraco4.33
29.2014Jayson Werth4.30
30.2014Troy Tulowitzki4.28
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