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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Season

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Data Updated Through October 8, 2015
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1.2015Bryce Harper11.00
2.2015Mike Trout10.00
3.2015Paul Goldschmidt9.25
4.2015Buster Posey8.28
5.2015Joey Votto7.57
6.2015Josh Donaldson7.57
7.2015Nolan Arenado7.42
8.2015Manny Machado7.30
9.2015Lorenzo Cain6.77
10.2015Clayton Kershaw6.37
11.2015Max Scherzer6.18
12.2015Yoenis Cespedes6.16
13.2015Kris Bryant5.96
14.2015Jake Arrieta5.76
15.2015A.j. Pollock5.70
16.2015Jason Heyward5.53
17.2015Curtis Granderson5.42
18.2015Nelson Cruz5.38
19.2015David Price5.36
20.2015Anthony Rizzo5.35
21.2015Mookie Betts5.14
22.2015Zack Greinke5.06
23.2015Kevin Kiermaier5.00
24.2015David Peralta4.94
25.2015Gerrit Cole4.88
26.2015Matt Carpenter4.86
27.2015Dallas Keuchel4.84
28.2015Miguel Cabrera4.83
29.2015Andrew Mccutchen4.82
30.2015Todd Frazier4.73
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