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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 30, 2016
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1.MLBAndrew Heaney20162511876.
2.MLBRyan Flaherty20162910191.
3.MLBKendry Flores20162411593.
4.MLBScott Diamond20162910261.
5.MLBAdalberto Mejia20162310422.
6.MLBTyson Ross20162911945.
7.MLBDaniel Webb20162610271.
8.MLBMiguel Montero20163210311.
9.MLBTaylor Motter2016261060.
10.MLBBranden Pinder20162710181.
11.MLBEduardo Escobar20162710161.
12.MLBMike Mayers20162411621.
13.MLBAustin Brice20162410111.
14.MLBDarwin Barney20163010161.
15.MLBJosh Phegley20162810100.
16.MLBJonathan Aro20162510100.70.00.713.
17.MLBAlec Mills20162410210.70.00.727.
18.MLBJo-jo Reyes20163110362.
19.MLBMichael Roth20162610823.
20.MLBAdrian Sampson20162411854.
21.MLBRyan Lamarre20162710121.
22.MLBTyler Holt2016271051.
23.MLBKevin Chapman20162810281.
24.MLBJose Campos20162310825.
25.MLBTyler Ladendorf20162810161.
26.MLBJ.b. Shuck20162910131.
27.MLBJoe Wieland20162611885.
28.MLBKyle Drabek20162810522.
29.MLBHyun-jin Ryu20162911894.
30.MLBDustin Antolin20162610422.
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