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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through April 17, 2014
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1.MLBJamey Wright201439801488.
2.MLBKyle Farnsworth201438801097.
3.MLBBartolo Colon2014413329218.
4.MLBScott Downs20143870772.70.02.716.
5.MLBJoe Nathan20143950874.
6.MLBJosh Beckett201434221759.
7.MLBA.j. Burnett2014373331216.
8.MLBJake Peavy2014333331718.718.
9.MLBOliver Perez201432901328.
10.MLBBronson Arroyo2014373323612.712.
11.MLBJoe Beimel20143760746.
12.MLBRyan Vogelsong2014363327015.
13.MLBBruce Chen2014372218810.
14.MLBJohn Lackey2014353328018.718.
15.MLBAaron Harang2014363330818.718.
16.MLBTim Hudson2014383328923.
17.MLBCliff Lee2014354442927.
18.MLBCc Sabathia2014333330319.
19.MLBRafael Soriano201434601006.
20.MLBErik Bedard20143510372.
21.MLBJoaquin Benoit20143660855.
22.MLBColby Lewis20143411895.
23.MLBFernando Rodney20143750804.
24.MLBLatroy Hawkins20144150744.
25.MLBKyle Lohse2014353330520.720.
26.MLBMark Buehrle2014353328021.
27.MLBRandy Choate20143860645.
28.MLBR.a. Dickey2014393330918.718.
29.MLBJavier Lopez20143680423.
30.MLBJerome Williams201432501629.
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