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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Team Year Rookie

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Data Updated Through January 19, 2017
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1.Charlie GagusWSUUA18842321177.
2.Milo LockwoodWSUUA1884111067.713.
3.Abner PowellWSUUA18841817134.
4.Art ThompsonWSUUA1884118.
5.Alex VossWSUUA18842720186.
6.Bill WiseWSUUA18845041364.
7.Andy BoswellWSNNL18956330.
8.Jake BoydWSNNL1895151392.712.
9.Ed BuckinghamWSNNL1895113.
10.Bert AbbeyWSNNL18922722195.
11.Joe CorbettWSNNL18953319.
12.Buck FreemanWSNNL1899207.
13.John GilroyWSNNL18958441.313.
14.John MalarkeyWSNNL1895228100.712.
15.Pop WilliamsWSNNL18982217.
16.Charlie WeberWSNNL1898114.
17.Lefty HerringWSNNL1899202.
18.Varney AndersonWSNNL18952925204.712.
19.Alex JonesWSNNL18924427.
20.John GraffWSNNL18932112.
21.Ben StephensWSNNL18939663.711.
22.Varney AndersonWSNNL18942214.
23.Rip EganWSNNL1894105.
24.Dorsey RiddlemoserWSNNL1899102.
25.John MalarkeyWSNNL18943326.
26.Dan McfarlanWSNNL18993228211.711.
27.Jake BoydWSNNL18943319.
28.Win MercerWSNNL18945039339.311.
29.Bill LeithWSNNL1899102.
30.Bill WynneWSNNL1894118.
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