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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through April 25, 2017
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1.MLBJake Esch2017271090.
2.MLBCody Allen201728701126.
3.MLBTommy Kahnle201727701076.
4.MLBJames Hoyt20173010211.
5.MLBAriel Hernandez201725102.
6.MLBJosh Fields201731701005.
7.MLBJonathan Holder201724801045.
8.MLBJose Leclerc201723701159.
9.MLBKevin Quackenbush20172830564.
10.MLBSean Gilmartin20172710130.
11.MLBCam Bedrosian201725601116.
12.MLBBlake Parker2017321001769.
13.MLBKenley Jansen20172960806.
14.MLBBlaine Hardy20173030603.
15.MLBDavid Robertson201732701036.
16.MLBRoss Stripling2017277018510.
17.MLBAaron Loup201729701024.
18.MLBRyan Madson201736801187.
19.MLBDonnie Hart201726801006.
20.MLBRoberto Osuna20172240614.
21.MLBNoah Syndergaard2017244439026.
22.MLBAroldis Chapman20172970916.
23.MLBNeil Ramirez201728601587.
24.MLBAnthony Swarzak201731601038.
25.MLBShane Carle20172510211.
26.MLBChris Sale2017284442529.729.70.01.812.70.300.0560.3897.00.2370.
27.MLBJames Paxton2017284440925.325.30.01.810.70.000.0510.3066.00.2700.
28.MLBBlake Wood2017311001458.
29.MLBNick Goody20172530564.
30.MLBMark Melancon20173260835.
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