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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through September 25, 2016
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1.MLBRafael Martin20163240301.
2.MLBTyler Holt2016271051.
3.MLBDaniel Winkler20162630282.
4.MLBLuis Sardinas2016231081.
5.MLBConor Mullee20162830653.
6.MLBJosh Phegley20162810100.
7.MLBAndrew Romine20163010170.70.00.727.
8.MLBBryan Holaday20162810181.
9.MLBAlexi Amarista2016271010.
10.MLBKendry Flores20162411593.
11.MLBTy Blach20162520666.
12.MLBJosh Ravin201628801218.
13.MLBMatt Grace20162740312.
14.MLBJayson Aquino20162330322.
15.MLBChase Whitley201627301096.
16.MLBKyle Drabek20162810522.
17.MLBChin-hui Tsao20163520361.70.01.716.
18.MLBEddie Gamboa201631401197.
19.MLBChristian Bethancourt20162420441.70.01.716.
20.MLBLuis Avilan20162624029517.
21.MLBAustin Brice20162412015912.
22.MLBCarson Smith20162630482.
23.MLBRyan Merritt20162430656.
24.MLBDamien Magnifico20162530543.
25.MLBZach Britton20162866098063.
26.MLBCarlos Frias20162610524.
27.MLBNefi Ogando20162711020312.
28.MLBTanner Scheppers20162980966.
29.MLBMatthew Strahm20162419039419.
30.MLBAdam Ottavino20163030039824.
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