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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 2, 2015
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1.MLBAlexi Amarista2015261020.
2.MLBJoe Nathan2015401040.
3.MLBCesar Jimenez2015301070.
4.MLBJesus Sucre2015271071.
5.MLBNick Greenwood2015271080.
6.MLBDerek Holland2015281191.
7.MLBClint Robinson2015301091.
8.MLBIke Davis2015281091.
9.MLBC.c. Lee20152810110.
10.MLBAdam Laroche20153510121.
11.MLBCory Rasmus20152710121.
12.MLBChris Reed20152510122.
13.MLBRob Rasmussen20152610131.
14.MLBSean Doolittle20152810141.
15.MLBCesar Cabral20152620151.
16.MLBJaff Decker20152510151.
17.MLBKeyvius Sampson20152410161.
18.MLBJosh Wilson20153410161.
19.MLBGarrett Jones20153410170.70.00.713.
20.MLBNick Franklin20152410171.
21.MLBMichael Feliz20152210171.
22.MLBJake Elmore20152810171.
23.MLBBobby Lafromboise20152910181.
24.MLBDavid Ross20153820192.
25.MLBJose Valdez20152510190.
26.MLBWesley Wright20153020201.
27.MLBChris Volstad20152810202.
28.MLBDavid Murphy20153310210.30.00.327.
29.MLBDanny Burawa20152610220.70.00.713.513.513.500.1670.1671.00.6676.00.600.6671.20022.6754.00-1.724.08
30.MLBJohn Cornely20152610221.
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