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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 29, 2015
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1.mlbJorge Rondon20152720601.
2.mlbJohn Cornely20152610221.
3.mlbJose Ramirez20152510351.
4.mlbChad Smith20152520491.30.01.320.313.50.000.2310.1540.67.7146.00.556.692.66711.3033.75-1.49.09
5.mlbAnthony Ranaudo20152511621.
6.mlbHeath Hembree20152620612.
7.mlbC.j. Riefenhauser20152520321.
8.mlbKyuji Fujikawa20153420261.
9.mlbCory Mazzoni201525401115.
10.mlbJeff Beliveau20152850652.
11.mlbT.j. House2015254427713.
12.mlbR.j. Alvarez2015241002009.
13.mlbBruce Chen201538221236.
14.mlbBuck Farmer20152411845.
15.mlbRob Wooten201529401316.
16.mlbChris Rearick20152750583.
17.mlbTodd Redmond201530311608.
18.mlbTim Cooney20152411522.
19.mlbEric O'flaherty201530801287.
20.mlbJoe Wieland20152511844.
21.mlbDonnie Veal20153040784.
22.mlbLatroy Hawkins201542701106.
23.mlbRyan Cook20152840844.
24.mlbPedro Villarreal20152720382.
25.mlbKevin Gregg20153711021310.
26.mlbBud Norris2015306651727.327.
27.mlbJake Peavy201534221587.
28.mlbJose Urena201523311417.
29.mlbSpencer Patton20152720463.
30.mlbDavid Huff20153011684.
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