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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 30, 2016
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1.MLBDaniel Webb20162610271.
2.MLBBranden Pinder20162710181.
3.MLBMike Mayers20162411621.
4.MLBTyler Danish20162130411.70.01.716.
5.MLBVin Mazzaro20162920451.
6.MLBKevin Chapman20162810281.
7.MLBGlen Perkins20163320482.
8.MLBFelix Pena20162630472.
9.MLBJason Hursh20162420491.30.01.320.
10.MLBJorge Rondon20162820793.
11.MLBBrett Anderson20162822864.
12.MLBT.j. House20162640532.
13.MLBMichael Kirkman20162920402.
14.MLBAlex Meyer20162621933.
15.MLBCody Ege20162550593.
16.MLBMiguel Montero20163210311.
17.MLBJoe Nathan20164130552.
18.MLBJ.r. Graham20162610231.
19.MLBCurtis Partch20162920240.70.00.727.
20.MLBTaylor Motter2016261060.
21.MLBRyan Goins20162810151.
22.MLBSam Tuivailala201623801476.
23.MLBMatthew Carasiti201624901929.
24.MLBErik Kratz20163620442.
25.MLBWarwick Saupold201626601539.
26.MLBTyson Ross20162911945.
27.MLBYohan Flande20163020623.
28.MLBMichael Roth20162610823.
29.MLBShawn Morimando201623201204.
30.MLBBrooks Pounders20162540984.
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