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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 27, 2014
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1.MLBDonnie Joseph20142610300.70.00.713.527.013.500.1250.2502.001.0009.00.714.7501.28617.8781.00-1.621.17
2.MLBNate Jones20142820290.
3.MLBCesar Cabral20142540491.
4.MLBTrevor Bell20142720370.70.00.727.
5.MLBChris Leroux20143020572.
6.MLBAaron Brooks20142421872.
7.MLBDrew Rucinski20142510211.
8.MLBJosh Wall20142720431.
9.MLBKeith Butler20142520542.
10.MLBCharlie Leesman20142711732.
11.MLBPhillippe Aumont201425501395.
12.MLBNick Maronde2014241101606.
13.MLBWilton Lopez201430401156.
14.MLBDean Anna20142710171.
15.MLBJose Alvarez20142520100.
16.MLBBobby Parnell20142910251.
17.MLBAndrew Romine20142810271.
18.MLBJose Cisnero201425501004.
19.MLBJustin Marks20142610552.
20.MLBDanny Worth20142820362.
21.MLBJair Jurrjens201428221989.
22.MLBYoslan Herrera201433701637.
23.MLBPatrick Mccoy2014259018710.
24.MLBShawn Camp20143830513.
25.MLBBrian Flynn201424211407.
26.MLBVinnie Pestano20142914018410.
27.MLBGeorge Farmer201423221386.
28.MLBJim Miller20143220642.
29.MLBBrad Lincoln20142920512.
30.MLBTaylor Thompson201427501125.
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