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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through April 17, 2014
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1.MLBNate Jones20142820290.
2.MLBTrevor Bell20142720370.70.00.727.
3.MLBJeremy Jeffress20142630843.
4.MLBJoba Chamberlain20142850724.
5.MLBVinnie Pestano20142930682.
6.MLBKeith Butler20142520542.
7.MLBNick Maronde20142440553.
8.MLBJordan Walden201426601075.
9.MLBKenley Jansen2014261001578.
10.MLBCody Allen201425801156.
11.MLBWilton Lopez201430401156.
12.MLBBobby Parnell20142910251.
13.MLBChad Qualls20143550664.
14.MLBMichael Bolsinger20142610763.
15.MLBJose Alvarez20142520100.
16.MLBDane De La Rosa20143110120.30.00.327.
17.MLBCesar Cabral20142530261.
18.MLBSergio Santos20143060935.
19.MLBBlake Parker20142910230.
20.MLBSeth Maness201425501015.
21.MLBJosh Zeid20142720483.
22.MLBRob Wooten2014281080.
23.MLBVidal Nuno20142630914.
24.MLBDanny Salazar201424221889.
25.MLBLuis Avilan20142470764.
26.MLBScott Rice20143270683.
27.MLBDavid Carpenter201428601086.
28.MLBWill Harris201429701358.
29.MLBFernando Rodney20143750804.
30.MLBBrad Lincoln20142920512.
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