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Data Updated Through February 19, 2017
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1.Pedro VillarrealCINNL2012101.
2.Fautino De Los SantosOAKAL2012603.
3.Francisley BuenoKCAAL201218017.
4.Lester OliverosMINAL2012101.
5.Andrew TaylorANAAL2012302.311.615.40.00.0011.5711.570.00-1.240.0-1.0.300
6.Al AlburquerqueDETAL20128013.34.15.412.20.000.680.680.001.860.03.4.222
7.Justin De FratusPHINL201213010.
8.Thad WeberDETAL2012204.
9.Steven GeltzANAAL2012202.
10.Josh LuekeTBAAL2012303.324.
11.Brad MillsANAAL2012115.
12.Wilmer FontTEXAL2012302.
13.Andrew CarignanOAKAL20121109.
14.Jhan MarinezCHAAL2012202.
15.Aaron LoupTORAL201233030.
16.Jeremy JeffressKCAAL201213013.312.
17.Julio TeheranATLNL2012216.
18.Zach PutnamCOLNL2012202.
19.Justin WilsonPITNL2012804.719.35.813.50.001.931.930.001.550.0-0.9.625
20.Rob ScahillCOLNL2012608.
21.Joe MartinezARINL2012101.
22.Jeurys FamiliaNYNNL20128112.
23.Paco RodriguezLANNL20121106.
24.Phillippe AumontPHINL201218014.
25.Justin ThomasBOSAL2012704.719.
26.Dan OteroSFNNL201212012.313.
27.Donnie VealCHAAL201224013.03.52.813.20.001.381.380.001.710.02.9.192
28.Chuckie FickSLNNL2012201.716.
29.Luke PutkonenDETAL201212016.
30.Sam DysonTORAL2012200.754.
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