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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through June 23, 2017
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1.MLBYusmeiro Petit20173228066044.
2.MLBChris Devenski20172629065142.
3.MLBCraig Stammen20173325070842.
4.MLBWade Leblanc20173229065341.
5.MLBBrad Hand20172735062639.
6.MLBAndrew Miller20173233060538.
7.MLBCarlos Torres20173437067538.
8.MLBChris Rusin20173027054238.
9.MLBMichael Lorenzen20172529058638.
10.MLBFelipe Rivero20172537056738.
11.MLBDustin Mcgowan20173527056938.
12.MLBRyan Tepera20172931061537.
13.MLBCorey Knebel20172538067237.
14.MLBMike Minor20172930055437.
15.MLBMike Montgomery20172721383051.715.
16.MLBChris Hatcher20173226064336.
17.MLBAddison Reed20172835058836.
18.MLBMychal Givens20172731062336.
19.MLBRoss Stripling20172721061936.
20.MLBBryan Shaw20172936056635.
21.MLBJacob Barnes20172738062335.
22.MLBJhan Marinez20172829062035.
23.MLBTyler Duffey20172625051334.
24.MLBBlake Wood20173131058034.
25.MLBDavid Phelps20173032059234.
26.MLBGeorge Kontos20173232053434.
27.MLBShane Greene20172835055434.
28.MLBEnny Romero20172631063034.
29.MLBRaisel Iglesias20172729054234.
30.MLBMichael Feliz20172430056033.
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