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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through July 2, 2015
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1.MLBJustin De Fratus20152736076441.
2.MLBAnthony Bass20152720067541.
3.MLBAndrew Chafin20152529062640.
4.MLBYusmeiro Petit20153021163446.
5.MLBEvan Scribner20152938059340.
6.MLBMichael Blazek20152632060240.
7.MLBDellin Betances20152735065139.
8.MLBBrad Brach20152929062739.
9.MLBAlex Wilson20152827157542.
10.MLBJeanmar Gomez20152734061139.
11.MLBGeorge Kontos20153037052439.
12.MLBBrandon Maurer20152436054838.
13.MLBTony Watson20153037057538.
14.MLBJim Johnson20153239056238.
15.MLBBlake Treinen20152729058538.
16.MLBMark Melancon20153038050937.
17.MLBJeurys Familia20152535056037.
18.MLBRandall Delgado20152532066037.
19.MLBSam Dyson20152736055536.
20.MLBBlaine Boyer20153337048736.
21.MLBWill Harris20153031056536.
22.MLBArquimedes Caminero20152836054136.
23.MLBLuis Garcia20152836059836.
24.MLBJeremy Jeffress20152738056635.
25.MLBA.j. Ramos20152835053735.
26.MLBZach Mcallister20152729168939.
27.MLBRoberto Osuna20152033058735.
28.MLBKevin Siegrist20152539060435.
29.MLBPedro Strop20153039053335.
30.MLBJ.j. Hoover20152736058835.
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