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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 29, 2014
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1.MLBDellin Betances201426590118478.
2.MLBCarlos Torres201431581133479.
3.MLBDan Otero201429590104873.
4.MLBTodd Redmond201429370110670.
5.MLBTom Wilhelmsen201430471106470.02.767.
6.MLBSeth Maness20142559093166.
7.MLBCraig Stammen201430390101066.
8.MLBJeurys Familia201424620102265.
9.MLBZach Britton20142659088064.
10.MLBBrad Ziegler20143465094964.
11.MLBBryan Shaw201426660101963.
12.MLBJoe Smith20143064093963.
13.MLBShawn Tolleson201426530101363.
14.MLBTommy Kahnle20142447098563.
15.MLBJake Petricka201426550104063.
16.MLBAdam Warren201426580111162.
17.MLBTony Watson20142962096062.
18.MLBBurke Badenhop20143159094062.
19.MLBJake Mcgee20142763099862.
20.MLBJake Diekman201427620111862.
21.MLBBryan Morris20142756090061.
22.MLBAnthony Swarzak201428421105866.
23.MLBJamey Wright20143950090660.
24.MLBScott Atchison20143858086160.
25.MLBFrancisco Rodriguez20143261092960.
26.MLBAaron Loup20142661093660.
27.MLBKoji Uehara20143959088060.
28.MLBTrevor Rosenthal201424610109860.
29.MLBLuke Gregerson20143060084360.
30.MLBDanny Farquhar20142754094958.
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