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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 27, 2015
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1.MLBEsmil Rogers20152914048329.
2.MLBAnthony Bass20152714042126.
3.MLBGeorge Kontos20153023037326.
4.MLBEvan Scribner20152923036926.
5.MLBTony Watson20153023036625.
6.MLBDellin Betances20152722037825.
7.MLBAndrew Chafin20152518037824.
8.MLBBlake Treinen20152717037124.
9.MLBSam Dyson20152721033923.
10.MLBBlaine Boyer20153323031623.
11.MLBMichael Blazek20152619038023.
12.MLBRoberto Osuna20152020036423.
13.MLBDanny Farquhar20152820040623.
14.MLBAaron Thompson20152823035523.
15.MLBZach Mcallister20152718149227.
16.MLBChristian Bergman20152711143127.
17.MLBJeurys Familia20152523032823.
18.MLBJean Machi20153322037523.
19.MLBJustin De Fratus20152721044423.
20.MLBBryan Morris20152823037723.
21.MLBJeremy Jeffress20152725036323.
22.MLBBrandon Maurer20152421031523.
23.MLBA.j. Ramos20152822035023.
24.MLBBrad Hand20152514040223.
25.MLBLuis Garcia20152823038622.
26.MLBWill Harris20153018032522.
27.MLBBrad Brach20152916036722.
28.MLBTrevor Rosenthal20152521035622.
29.MLBShawn Tolleson20152722035822.
30.MLBDan Otero20153021034022.
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