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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 6, 2015
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1.mlbJon Edwards2015271090.
2.mlbJorge Rondon20152720601.
3.mlbAnthony Ranaudo20152511621.
4.mlbHeath Hembree20152610491.
5.mlbA.j. Cole20152311552.
6.mlbJuan Jaime20152720361.30.01.327.
7.mlbChad Smith20152510301.
8.mlbJohn Cornely20152610221.
9.mlbCory Mazzoni20152520632.
10.mlbC.j. Riefenhauser20152520321.
11.mlbColt Hynes20153050593.
12.mlbDrew Rucinski201526211104.
13.mlbEverett Teaford20153110542.
14.mlbTim Cooney20152411522.
15.mlbChris Rearick20152750583.
16.mlbManny Parra20153270643.
17.mlbFelipe Rivero20152310171.
18.mlbDerek Holland2015281191.
19.mlbArnold Leon20152610191.
20.mlbRicky Nolasco201532221568.
21.mlbJack Leathersich20152420151.
22.mlbT.j. House2015254427713.
23.mlbSeverino Gonzalez201522221387.
24.mlbCody Allen2015261002039.
25.mlbAntonio Bastardo2015291001376.
26.mlbJeff Beliveau20152850652.
27.mlbShawn Kelley201531601255.
28.mlbGonzalez Germen201527601156.
29.mlbBurke Badenhop2015321001458.
30.mlbTyler Olson20152511021913.
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