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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Team Year Rookie

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Data Updated Through July 28, 2016
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1.Collin MchughNYNNL20128421.311.
2.Nathan EovaldiLANNL2012101056.310.
3.Phillippe AumontPHINL201218014.
4.Robert CarsonNYNNL201217013.
5.Joe PatersonARINL2012602.750.610.10.06.7537.1337.130.00-5.930.0-2.1.619
6.Kyle McphersonPITNL201210326.
7.Scott MaineCHNNL201221020.
8.Randall DelgadoATLNL2012181792.
9.Dan OteroSFNNL201212012.313.
10.Tony WatsonPITNL201268053.
11.Cory GearrinATLNL201222020.
12.Chuckie FickSLNNL2012201.716.
13.Chuckie FickHOUNL201218023.
14.Jenrry MejiaNYNNL20125316.
15.Nathan EovaldiMIANL2012121263.
16.Stephen FifeLANNL20125526.
17.Sam FreemanSLNNL201224020.
18.Lance LynnSLNNL20123529176.
19.Josh LindblomPHINL201226023.37.36.610.41.544.635.790.000.630.0-1.1.259
20.Josh LindblomLANNL201248047.
21.Tom KoehlerMIANL20128113.310.
22.Casey KellySDNNL20126629.
23.Dan JenningsMIANL201222019.
24.Nick VincentSDNNL201227026.
25.Joe WielandSDNNL20125527.
26.Tyler CloydPHINL20126633.
27.Brad BrachSDNNL201267066.76.84.510.11.493.783.780.
28.Jeff BeliveauCHNNL201222017.710.
29.J.j. HooverCINNL201228030.
30.Christian FriedrichCOLNL2012161684.710.
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