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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through April 27, 2015
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1.MLBAnthony Ranaudo20152511621.
2.MLBHeath Hembree20152610491.
3.MLBC.j. Riefenhauser20152520321.
4.MLBRandy Choate20153970251.
5.MLBFelipe Rivero20152310171.
6.MLBDerek Holland2015281191.
7.MLBColt Hynes20153050593.
8.MLBScott Oberg20152550813.
9.MLBChris Rearick20152750583.
10.MLBDrew Rucinski201526211104.
11.MLBCaleb Thielbar20152840392.
12.MLBManny Parra20153270643.
13.MLBJeff Beliveau20152850652.
14.MLBBurke Badenhop201532801176.
15.MLBZach Mcallister2015275125112.
16.MLBRoss Detwiler2015293324712.312.
17.MLBCody Allen201526701626.
18.MLBSergio Santos20153110211.
19.MLBArnold Leon20152610191.
20.MLBRicky Nolasco20153211783.
21.MLBErasmo Ramirez2015254220710.
22.MLBDavid Huff20153011684.
23.MLBTom Wilhelmsen20153120542.
24.MLBBrian Schlitter201529701195.
25.MLBOliver Perez201533901095.
26.MLBJorge De La Rosa201534221437.
27.MLBLatroy Hawkins201542701106.
28.MLBT.j. House2015253322610.
29.MLBNick Masset20153320282.
30.MLBCarlos Rodon20152210602.30.02.311.
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