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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through January 25, 2016
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1.MLBNick Greenwood2015271080.
2.MLBSeth Rosin20152610522.
3.MLBJonny Gomes20153410201.
4.MLBAkeel Morris20152210250.70.00.740.50.013.500.3750.0000.00.5009.00.600.7501.20028.8567.50-2.336.16
5.MLBChad Smith20152520491.30.01.320.313.50.000.2310.1540.67.7146.00.556.692.66711.5633.75-1.49.10
6.MLBJesus Sucre20152720262.
7.MLBMarco Gonzales20152311662.
8.MLBJohn Cornely20152610221.
9.MLBNick Franklin20152410171.
10.MLBBruce Chen201538221236.
11.MLBJosh Wilson20153410161.
12.MLBJake Elmore20152810171.
13.MLBDavid Murphy20153310210.30.00.327.
14.MLBColt Hynes20153050593.
15.MLBCory Mazzoni201525802018.
16.MLBZach Lee20152311904.
17.MLBDonn Roach20152511613.
18.MLBGuido Knudson201525401195.
19.MLBChris Rearick20152750583.
20.MLBC.c. Lee20152820391.
21.MLBAngel Castro20153250884.
22.MLBChin-hui Tsao201534501327.
23.MLBJason Gurka201527901437.
24.MLBJeff Beliveau20152850642.
25.MLBRyan Cook201528902118.
26.MLBJunior Guerra20153030664.
27.MLBDavid Huff20153031946.
28.MLBJaff Decker20152510151.
29.MLBDonnie Veal20153050844.
30.MLBIchiro Suzuki20154110181.
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