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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 26, 2015
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1.MLBRobbie Ray20152311926.
2.MLBJarred Cosart2015257762239.739.
3.MLBJustin Masterson2015307761135.335.
4.MLBCasey Sadler20152411775.
5.MLBChase Whitley2015264432319.319.
6.MLBMike Pelfrey2015318872945.
7.MLBMatt Garza2015319983652.
8.MLBJered Weaver201532101094164.364.
9.MLBMatt Harvey2015269982958.758.
10.MLBDrew Pomeranz2015268872043.
11.MLBAnthony Ranaudo20152511621.
12.MLBJesse Hahn2015259986153.753.
13.MLBJacob Degrom2015279987855.755.
14.MLBChris Tillman2015278873341.341.
15.MLBJake Odorizzi201525101098666.366.
16.MLBAaron Sanchez2015229986252.
17.MLBMichael Pineda2015269989357.757.
18.MLBNoah Syndergaard2015223329717.317.
19.MLBWily Peralta2015269982654.
20.MLBJoe Wieland20152511844.
21.MLBJeff Samardzija2015309994061.
22.MLBTaijuan Walker2015229978543.
23.MLBJeff Locke2015278876746.
24.MLBChris Archer201526101097960.
25.MLBBud Norris2015306651727.327.
26.MLBTyler Lyons2015273326013.
27.MLBJames Paxton2015269984253.753.
28.MLBCarlos Carrasco2015289977649.349.
29.MLBClay Buchholz2015309986053.
30.MLBKyle Hendricks2015258871945.745.
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