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Data Updated Through July 1, 2015
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1.Christian GarciaWASNL201213012.75.71.410.71.422.
2.Ryan MattheusWASNL201266066.
3.David CarpenterTORAL2012302.727.06.813.53.3830.3833.750.00-5.570.0-0.9.583
4.Andrew CarpenterTORAL2012609.
5.Bobby KoreckyTORAL2012101.
6.Steve DelabarTORAL201227029.37.14.614.10.923.383.680.
7.Aaron LoupTORAL201233030.
8.Sam DysonTORAL2012200.754.
9.Drew HutchisonTORAL2012111158.
10.Robert CoelloTORAL2012606.314.25.715.62.8412.7912.790.00-0.640.00.0.533
11.Chad JenkinsTORAL201213332.
12.Chad BeckTORAL201214015.712.
13.Joel CarrenoTORAL201211222.
14.Evan CrawfordTORAL20121008.
15.Justin GrimmTEXAL20125214.
16.Tanner ScheppersTEXAL201239032.313.
17.Yu DarvishTEXAL20122929191.
18.Yoshinori TateyamaTEXAL201214017.
19.Wilmer FontTEXAL2012302.
20.Martin PerezTEXAL201212638.
21.Robbie RossTEXAL201258065.
22.Michael KirkmanTEXAL201228035.
23.Matt MooreTBAAL20123131177.
24.Dane De La RosaTBAAL2012505.
25.Chris ArcherTBAAL20126429.
26.Jake McgeeTBAAL201269055.35.41.811.90.491.952.110.001.500.014.9.244
27.Brandon GomesTBAAL201215017.
28.Josh LuekeTBAAL2012303.324.
29.Chuckie FickSLNNL2012201.716.
30.Barret BrowningSLNNL201222019.
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