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Data Updated Through August 25, 2016
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1.Everett TeafordKCAAL201218561.310.
2.Kelvin HerreraKCAAL201276084.
3.Dylan AxelrodCHAAL201214751.
4.Jim MillerOAKAL201233048.
5.Pedro StropBALAL201270066.
6.Chris SeddonCLEAL201217234.
7.Bobby KoreckyTORAL2012101.
8.Leyson SeptimoCHAAL201221014.
9.Luis MarteDETAL201213022.
10.Erasmo RamirezSEAAL201216859.
11.Wei-yin ChenBALAL20123232192.
12.Wilmer FontTEXAL2012302.
13.Brad MillsANAAL2012115.
14.Scott MaineCLEAL2012906.
15.Luke PutkonenDETAL201212016.
16.Pedro HernandezCHAAL2012114.
17.Michael KirkmanTEXAL201228035.
18.Drew SmylyDETAL2012231899.
19.Nick MarondeANAAL20121206.09.04.510.50.001.501.500.001.630.00.2.353
20.Carter CappsSEAAL201218025.
21.Dylan BundyBALAL2012201.
22.Francisley BuenoKCAAL201218017.
23.Felix DoubrontBOSAL20122929161.
24.Will SmithKCAAL2012161689.711.
25.David PhelpsNYAAL2012331199.
26.Evan CrawfordTORAL20121008.
27.Jarrod ParkerOAKAL20122929181.
28.Andrew CarignanOAKAL20121109.
29.Josh LuekeTBAAL2012303.324.
30.Darin DownsDETAL201218020.
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