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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 5, 2015
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1.MLBPat Neshek20153412015310.
2.MLBAlex Wilson20152830605.
3.MLBKirby Yates20152840904.
4.MLBSam Tuivailala20152210292.
5.MLBMichael Tonkin2015252080.
6.MLBKenneth Roberts20152710141.
7.MLBRyan Pressly20152610322.
8.MLBPhil Coke2015321301477.
9.MLBAlexander Claudio20152350292.
10.MLBIke Davis2015281091.
11.MLBA.j. Cole20152311552.
12.MLBAdam Liberatore20152860987.
13.MLBJose Urena20152320433.
14.MLBCaleb Thielbar20152860895.
15.MLBA.j. Schugel20152610583.
16.MLBCesar Jimenez2015301070.
17.MLBSammy Solis20152610222.
18.MLBKevin Chapman20152710141.
19.MLBNick Masset20153330524.
20.MLBSergio Santos20153140473.
21.MLBFelipe Rivero20152310171.
22.MLBTom Wilhelmsen20153120542.
23.MLBKoji Uehara201540701066.
24.MLBKyle Davies20153110382.
25.MLBScott Carroll20153030746.
26.MLBYohan Pino2015314013910.
27.MLBJerry Blevins20153170565.
28.MLBCarter Capps20152410101.
29.MLBWesley Wright20153020201.
30.MLBAlex Colome20152611605.
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