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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through September 3, 2015
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1.MLBJose Valdez20152510190.
2.MLBNick Greenwood2015271080.
3.MLBChris Volstad20152810202.
4.MLBChris Denorfia2015341020.
5.MLBKyle Davies20153110382.
6.MLBCaleb Cotham20152730913.
7.MLBC.c. Lee20152810110.
8.MLBClint Robinson2015301091.
9.MLBBobby Lafromboise20152930292.
10.MLBNick Franklin20152410171.
11.MLBAdam Laroche20153510121.
12.MLBJonny Gomes20153410201.
13.MLBJaff Decker20152510151.
14.MLBJonathan Aro20152430974.
15.MLBTyler Moore2015281050.
16.MLBJosh Wilson20153410161.
17.MLBColton Murray20152510161.
18.MLBGavin Floyd20153210151.
19.MLBJake Elmore20152810171.
20.MLBJerry Blevins20153170555.
21.MLBDavid Carpenter20152740663.
22.MLBKyuji Fujikawa20153420261.
23.MLBBrendan Ryan20153310282.
24.MLBScott Alexander20152510101.
25.MLBRyan Dull20152520292.
26.MLBFrankie Montas20152210111.
27.MLBAndrew Faulkner20152210100.
28.MLBJesus Sucre20152720262.
29.MLBJoe Nathan2015401040.
30.MLBMichael Feliz20152210171.
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