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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through April 28, 2015
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1.MLBBartolo Colon2015424434726.
2.MLBLatroy Hawkins201542701106.
3.MLBJoe Nathan2015401040.
4.MLBR.a. Dickey2015404438624.
5.MLBRafael Betancourt2015401001369.
6.MLBKoji Uehara20154060735.
7.MLBRandy Choate20153970251.
8.MLBTim Hudson2015394437125.325.
9.MLBJoel Peralta20153970865.
10.MLBScott Atchison201539801137.
11.MLBMatt Thornton20153880665.
12.MLBJason Grilli201538701177.
13.MLBA.j. Burnett2015384437825.
14.MLBFernando Rodney201538901288.
15.MLBJason Frasor20153790977.
16.MLBJavier Lopez201537110464.
17.MLBGrant Balfour20153760894.
18.MLBBuddy Carlyle20153770785.
19.MLBKevin Gregg201537801428.
20.MLBRyan Vogelsong2015374231216.310.
21.MLBAaron Harang2015374439726.326.
22.MLBJoaquin Benoit20153712016611.
23.MLBWandy Rodriguez20153611895.
24.MLBChad Qualls201536901157.
25.MLBJohn Lackey2015364427025.718.
26.MLBChris Young201536401388.
27.MLBJeremy Guthrie2015363327118.
28.MLBMark Buehrle2015364436523.723.
29.MLBJason Marquis2015364426423.
30.MLBJeremy Affeldt20153690816.
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