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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 18, 2017
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1.MLBHunter Wood2017231050.
2.MLBGlen Perkins20173410190.30.00.327.
3.MLBDaniel Descalso20173010141.
4.MLBJason Wheeler20172620563.
5.MLBWei-chung Wang2017251020.
6.MLBAndrew Romine20173110210.70.00.713.
7.MLBMiguel Almonte20172420502.
8.MLBMichael Freeman20172910221.
9.MLBAndres Blanco2017331080.
10.MLBKevin Plawecki20172610332.
11.MLBAustin Adams20172610210.
12.MLBLuis Sardinas20172410161.
13.MLBBrett Nicholas20172810161.
14.MLBJeremy Guthrie20173811470.
15.MLBDavid Goforth20172810171.
16.MLBXavier Cedeno20173070602.30.02.315.40.03.860.1880.0000.00.2733.43.364.533.6363.86-0.813.84
17.MLBCody Martin20172710502.
18.MLBScooter Gennett20172710211.
19.MLBDaniel Slania20172510161.
20.MLBErick Aybar20173320131.
21.MLBJorge Lopez20172410352.
22.MLBRyan Weber20172611523.
23.MLBMichael Martinez20173410121.
24.MLBJake Esch2017271090.
25.MLBNori Aoki20173510201.
26.MLBJesus Sucre20172910311.
27.MLBTyler White20172610191.
28.MLBJon Jay20173210161.
29.MLBMiguel Montero20173310251.
30.MLBChris Gimenez20173460645.
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