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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through September 25, 2016
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1.MLBRyan Goins20162810151.
2.MLBRob Scahill20162928048230.
3.MLBBruce Rondon20162534053833.
4.MLBTanner Scheppers20162980966.
5.MLBTom Wilhelmsen20163249080945.
6.MLBShawn Tolleson20162837065936.
7.MLBKevin Chapman20162860775.
8.MLBBrad Boxberger20162823039721.
9.MLBDrew Hayes201628601949.
10.MLBJake Petricka201628901568.
11.MLBScott Alexander20162615030017.
12.MLBDean Kiekhefer20162723032518.
13.MLBA.j. Schugel20162736081752.
14.MLBSammy Solis20162734062238.
15.MLBRyan Lamarre20162710121.
16.MLBBlake Smith20162850764.
17.MLBEnny Romero20162550077343.
18.MLBT.j. House20162640532.
19.MLBJuan Minaya201625801338.
20.MLBVidal Nuno20162853197956.
21.MLBA.j. Ramos201629650108262.
22.MLBTyler Sturdevant20163016025918.
23.MLBIan Krol20162561087950.
24.MLBAaron Loup20162819024013.
25.MLBA.j. Morris2016297019210.
26.MLBJosh Phegley20162810100.
27.MLBBrooks Pounders201625902099.
28.MLBTrevor Rosenthal20162643078036.
29.MLBPatrick Schuster201625901857.70.07.710.
30.MLBRobbie Ross20162751090953.
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