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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 26, 2014
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1.MLBKyle Drabek20142620553.
2.MLBJeremy Jeffress20142618026617.
3.MLBBlake Wood201428701256.
4.MLBJeurys Familia201424610100864.
5.MLBB.j. Rosenberg20142813025712.
6.MLBCasey Coleman20142630533.
7.MLBAnthony Bass20142621043227.
8.MLBJosh Stinson2014268023613.
9.MLBZach Britton20142657086262.
10.MLBPedro Villarreal20142610492.
11.MLBGeorge Kontos20142914032421.
12.MLBTravis Snider20142610191.
13.MLBRyan Buchter20142710121.
14.MLBJosh Fields20142849087949.
15.MLBDellin Betances201426570115176.
16.MLBVin Mazzaro2014275019610.
17.MLBCarlos Contreras20142313032517.
18.MLBMelvin Mercedes20142310232.
19.MLBAlexi Ogando20143027049525.
20.MLBBrian Matusz20142754079743.
21.MLBJunichi Tazawa20142861088354.
22.MLBHenry Rodriguez20142720571.70.01.727.
23.MLBMichael Tonkin20142415023612.
24.MLBEric Surkamp20142623025614.
25.MLBNathan Adcock2014267018510.
26.MLBJoe Smith20143063092362.
27.MLBNeftali Feliz20142620034922.
28.MLBArquimedes Caminero201427601146.
29.MLBBo Schultz201428401298.
30.MLBAdam Ottavino20142864095857.
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