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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through June 29, 2015
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1.mlbRyan Pressly20152624035924.
2.mlbHunter Strickland20152615026716.
3.mlbSean Doolittle20152810141.
4.mlbBo Schultz2015297018012.
5.mlbTrevor Gott20152270957.
6.mlbJerry Blevins20153170555.
7.mlbKyle Crockett20152350573.
8.mlbDaniel Webb2015259014010.
9.mlbDonn Roach20152511613.
10.mlbPaco Rodriguez20152418017510.
11.mlbCarlos Contreras201524801619.
12.mlbJustin Wilson20152735045227.
13.mlbEnny Romero2015245023610.
14.mlbJoel Peralta2015391001137.
15.mlbTyler Wilson2015255123117.
16.mlbNeil Ramirez20152660604.
17.mlbDavid Ross20153810111.
18.mlbJoe Nathan2015401040.
19.mlbColt Hynes20153050593.
20.mlbWade Davis20152933051633.
21.mlbVin Mazzaro20152810020012.
22.mlbMayckol Guaipe20152410272.
23.mlbJose Dominguez20152440725.
24.mlbJoe Ross2015223330120.320.30.00.910.20.000.0250.28811.50.3451.
25.mlbAndrew Mckirahan20152530534.
26.mlbJack Leathersich20152417022711.
27.mlbAlexi Amarista2015261020.
28.mlbRyan Cook20152840834.
29.mlbBlaine Hardy20152831046832.
30.mlbAnthony Ranaudo201525221628.
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