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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through July 14, 2014
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1.MLBRich Hill20143420190.
2.MLBNate Jones20142820290.
3.MLBJake Buchanan20142421955.
4.MLBDean Anna20142710171.
5.MLBJeff Beliveau20142720182.
6.MLBRyan Mattheus20143040685.
7.MLBJose Ortega20142510441.30.01.327.
8.MLBChris Gimenez20143110121.
9.MLBDarin Downs20142930036423.
10.MLBStephen Pryor20142410351.70.01.710.
11.MLBCesar Jimenez20142920322.
12.MLBDallas Beeler2014252218711.
13.MLBBobby Korecky20143420583.
14.MLBSeth Rosin20142530714.
15.MLBLeury Garcia20142310251.
16.MLBSam Freeman20142720032119.
17.MLBMatt Albers2014318017110.
18.MLBMitch Moreland20142810151.
19.MLBFernando Rodriguez201430601148.
20.MLBBlaine Boyer20143211019514.
21.MLBDanny Worth20142820362.
22.MLBBobby Parnell20142910251.
23.MLBC.j. Riefenhauser20142420332.
24.MLBJake Mcgee20142745065241.
25.MLBLogan Darnell20142510333.
26.MLBMartin Maldonado20142710151.
27.MLBEric Fornataro201426801599.
28.MLBRed Patterson20142711874.
29.MLBBrandon League20143138060943.
30.MLBWade Davis20142837067539.
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