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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through April 19, 2014
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1.MLBJosh Wall20142710190.
2.MLBNate Jones20142820290.
3.MLBGlen Perkins201431701207.
4.MLBTodd Redmond2014295020013.
5.MLBZach Putnam20142610222.
6.MLBBobby Parnell20142910251.
7.MLBJake Mcgee20142770935.
8.MLBEvan Meek201431601167.
9.MLBBo Schultz2014281091.
10.MLBBryan Shaw201426801147.
11.MLBBoone Logan20142950424.
12.MLBKevin Siegrist201424801045.
13.MLBMichael Tonkin20142440523.
14.MLBPedro Beato20142710171.
15.MLBRaul Valdes20143610270.70.00.727.
16.MLBLuis Garcia2014271091.
17.MLBFernando Abad201428701037.
18.MLBAndrew Miller201429801196.
19.MLBJustin Miller20142710282.
20.MLBWill Smith201424901397.
21.MLBNick Vincent20142780877.
22.MLBCraig Kimbrel201426601015.
23.MLBBrad Ziegler2014341001369.
24.MLBDonnie Veal201429701316.
25.MLBCarlos Torres201431801519.
26.MLBDavid Carpenter201428601086.
27.MLBAnthony Bass201426601128.
28.MLBJeurys Familia201424601397.
29.MLBDavid Hale201426221649.
30.MLBBrandon Kintzler20142950645.
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