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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 31, 2016
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1.MLBSpencer Patton2016281080.
2.MLBTommy Kahnle20162640653.30.03.310.
3.MLBTyler Sturdevant20163030252.
4.MLBWade Davis20163019032818.
5.MLBA.j. Ramos20162922034221.
6.MLBRyan Tepera20162830552.30.02.311.
7.MLBJarred Cosart2016263330914.714.
8.MLBHunter Cervenka20162623027814.
9.MLBBoone Logan20163118022714.
10.MLBEdwin Escobar20162411873.
11.MLBChris Heston201628401105.
12.MLBFranklin Morales2016302070.
13.MLBGlen Perkins20163320482.
14.MLBLouis Coleman20163024036721.
15.MLBXavier Cedeno20162919023814.
16.MLBJosh Phegley20162810100.
17.MLBMatt Bush201630901609.
18.MLBShane Greene2016274324914.313.
19.MLBCam Bedrosian20162418025916.
20.MLBKendry Flores20162411593.
21.MLBConor Mullee20162810311.
22.MLBAdam Liberatore20162920025315.
23.MLBWilliam Cuevas20162510442.
24.MLBYimi Garcia201625901258.
25.MLBMichael Kirkman20162920402.
26.MLBDaniel Webb20162610271.
27.MLBSean Gilmartin20162620715.
28.MLBScott Alexander2016266014110.
29.MLBRob Scahill2016291101299.
30.MLBLuke Gregerson20163223034123.
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