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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through July 2, 2015
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1.MLBWesley Wright20153020201.
2.MLBMatt Stites2015251050.
3.MLBTyler Wilson2015255123117.
4.MLBLucas Luetge20152810332.
5.MLBClint Robinson2015301091.
6.MLBDavid Aardsma201533801047.
7.MLBBobby Lafromboise20152910181.
8.MLBMichael Kohn20152960804.70.04.711.
9.MLBJavy Guerra20152930361.
10.MLBNick Vincent20152812024412.
11.MLBJoe Ross2015223330120.320.30.00.910.20.000.0250.28811.50.3451.
12.MLBAndrew Mckirahan20152530534.
13.MLBJack Leathersich20152417022711.
14.MLBMychal Givens20152510111.
15.MLBColt Hynes20153050593.
16.MLBRyan Raburn20153410230.70.00.713.
17.MLBDiego Moreno20152720432.
18.MLBEdwin Jackson20153121046829.
19.MLBNeil Ramirez20152660604.
20.MLBCesar Jimenez2015301070.
21.MLBKendry Flores20152320553.
22.MLBGarrett Jones20153410170.70.00.713.
23.MLBRob Rasmussen20152610131.
24.MLBDavid Goforth20152640272.
25.MLBRyan Pressly20152625039726.
26.MLBMayckol Guaipe20152410272.
27.MLBFernando Rodriguez20153122038121.
28.MLBBobby Parnell201530801017.
29.MLBBryan Mitchell20152430995.
30.MLBWill Smith20152536045329.
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