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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through June 23, 2017
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1.MLBJake Esch2017271090.
2.MLBRobbie Ross201728801679.
3.MLBGarrett Richards20172911754.
4.MLBErnesto Frieri20173120553.
5.MLBReymin Guduan20172530653.
6.MLBJosh Lindblom2017304018610.
7.MLBZac Rosscup20172910100.
8.MLBAshur Tolliver20172910604.
9.MLBRyan Weber20172611523.
10.MLBBruce Rondon20172630551.30.01.320.
11.MLBTanner Scheppers20173020462.
12.MLBMichael Freeman20172910221.
13.MLBDomingo German201724301438.
14.MLBJeremy Guthrie20173811470.
15.MLBNoah Syndergaard2017245542827.327.30.00.710.50.000.0090.28116.00.3541.
16.MLBErik Goeddel2017281030.
17.MLBCam Bedrosian201725901609.
18.MLBAdam Liberatore20173040773.
19.MLBWilliam Cuevas20172610150.
20.MLBAriel Hernandez20172530434.
21.MLBJarred Cosart2017277648524.
22.MLBJoe Kelly20172929055130.
23.MLBAl Alburquerque20173150584.
24.MLBArcenio Leon201730601106.
25.MLBBrandon Morrow20173260997.
26.MLBMichael Martinez20173410121.
27.MLBLuis Avilan20172729036419.
28.MLBChaz Roe20173030452.
29.MLBZach Britton201729801349.
30.MLBJosh Ravin20172910302.
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