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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through July 28, 2014
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1.MLBRich Hill20143420190.
2.MLBNate Jones20142820290.
3.MLBCurtis Partch201427501336.
4.MLBRyan Mattheus20143040685.
5.MLBSean O'sullivan20142611895.
6.MLBBlake Parker201429601447.
7.MLBFrancisley Bueno20143317032922.
8.MLBCesar Jimenez20142920322.
9.MLBTsuyoshi Wada201433221749.
10.MLBBobby Korecky20143420583.
11.MLBCesar Cabral20142540491.
12.MLBBrandon League20143140063444.
13.MLBJose Alvarez20142520100.
14.MLBHector Ambriz20143010332.
15.MLBChris Leroux20143020572.
16.MLBDane De La Rosa20143130402.30.02.311.
17.MLBMatt Albers2014318017110.
18.MLBJose Ortega20142510441.30.01.327.
19.MLBMatthew West20142530694.
20.MLBWilking Rodriguez20142420332.
21.MLBKelvin Herrera20142444072544.
22.MLBPatrick Mccoy20142550655.
23.MLBTom Layne2014291080.70.00.713.
24.MLBDaniel Descalso2014271020.
25.MLBBrett Cecil20142742054532.
26.MLBJoe Savery20142830434.
27.MLBYoslan Herrera201433601326.
28.MLBJorge Rondon20142610151.
29.MLBBlake Wood201428701256.
30.MLBJeremy Jeffress201426501024.
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