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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through July 22, 2016
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1.MLBKirby Yates20162930058028.
2.MLBAshur Tolliver201628501054.
3.MLBRyan Goins20162810151.
4.MLBA.j. Ramos20162942066640.
5.MLBTyler Sturdevant20163015024717.
6.MLBIan Krol20162530045627.
7.MLBAaron Loup2016281001056.
8.MLBA.j. Morris2016297019210.
9.MLBJosh Phegley20162810100.
10.MLBBrooks Pounders20162530924.
11.MLBTrevor Rosenthal20162638068331.
12.MLBKeyvius Sampson2016257033716.
13.MLBPatrick Schuster201625401044.
14.MLBRyan Tepera20162850874.
15.MLBAlex Wilson20162935059438.
16.MLBRyan Weber2016255019010.
17.MLBChris Heston201628401105.
18.MLBDrew Storen20162837056032.
19.MLBBuddy Baumann2016281010.
20.MLBJoseph Colon20162630673.
21.MLBCaleb Cotham20162823043324.
22.MLBDavid Hale20162820482.
23.MLBElvis Araujo20162427044823.
24.MLBEnrique Burgos20162513024414.
25.MLBGonzalez Germen20162835065135.
26.MLBAustin Adams20162910017110.
27.MLBHunter Cervenka20162643050228.
28.MLBKyle Lobstein20162614041225.
29.MLBRobbie Ross20162729058133.
30.MLBChristian Bethancourt20162420441.70.01.716.
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