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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 26, 2017
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1.MLBJake Esch2017271090.
2.MLBErick Aybar2017331030.
3.MLBZac Rosscup20172910100.
4.MLBZac Curtis20172420241.
5.MLBBuddy Boshers20172920423.
6.MLBAndrew Bailey20173330373.
7.MLBDavid Goforth20172810171.
8.MLBChris Gimenez2017342081.
9.MLBMiguel Montero20173310251.
10.MLBJunior Guerra20173211463.
11.MLBJake Petricka20172910211.
12.MLBMiguel Castro20172220553.
13.MLBShane Carle20172510211.
14.MLBAriel Hernandez20172510302.
15.MLBNoe Ramirez20172720714.
16.MLBJose Berrios2017233330521.721.
17.MLBSal Romano20172311823.
18.MLBDavid Holmberg2017258013610.
19.MLBTyler Lyons20172930544.
20.MLBZach Putnam201729701038.
21.MLBMark Leiter2017268021613.
22.MLBAsher Wojciechowski20172810423.
23.MLBMarc Rzepczynski20173119018212.
24.MLBCarl Edwards Jr20172520029318.
25.MLBJose Alvarado2017221001159.
26.MLBErvin Santana201734101099970.
27.MLBChasen Shreve20172610020312.
28.MLBKevin Plawecki20172610332.
29.MLBRobby Scott20172720017211.
30.MLBChase Whitley20172813029420.
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