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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 20, 2014
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1.MLBJason Lane2014373114110.
2.MLBBrad Lincoln20142920512.
3.MLBWilton Lopez201430401156.
4.MLBShawn Camp20143830513.
5.MLBDean Anna20142710171.
6.MLBDaniel Descalso2014271020.
7.MLBSean Burnett20143130190.
8.MLBAlexander Claudio20142230302.
9.MLBMartin Maldonado20142710151.
10.MLBXavier Cedeno20142730433.
11.MLBChris Gimenez20143110121.
12.MLBAlfredo Figaro20142920695.
13.MLBJarrett Grube2014321070.
14.MLBJ.p. Arencibia20142810101.
15.MLBDrew Rucinski20142510211.
16.MLBFrank Garces20142410171.
17.MLBDrew Butera20143020261.
18.MLBDavid Carpenter20142610393.
19.MLBDanny Worth20142820362.
20.MLBHector Neris2014251091.
21.MLBLyle Overbay2014371060.
22.MLBMelvin Mercedes20142310232.
23.MLBSteve Tolleson2014301040.
24.MLBSteven Wright20142910514.
25.MLBBlake Beavan20142511634.
26.MLBEvan Scribner20142860735.
27.MLBKyle Drabek20142610212.
28.MLBJose Alvarez20142520100.
29.MLBMitch Moreland20142810151.
30.MLBMike Carp20142810381.
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