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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through April 26, 2015
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1.mlbCesar Jimenez2015301070.
2.mlbJoe Nathan2015401040.
3.mlbRob Wooten20152910121.
4.mlbCarter Capps20152410101.
5.mlbIke Davis2015281091.
6.mlbJerry Blevins20153170565.
7.mlbJonathan Papelbon20153460846.
8.mlbGreg Holland20152940374.
9.mlbJoakim Soria201531901007.
10.mlbAdam Liberatore20152830604.
11.mlbBrad Ziegler20153580997.
12.mlbDavid Robertson20153060836.
13.mlbScott Atchison20153970846.
14.mlbWade Davis201529801028.
15.mlbShawn Tolleson20152770907.
16.mlbZac Rosscup20152760926.
17.mlbKevin Jepsen201530801298.
18.mlbFranklin Morales20152970795.
19.mlbBrandon Gomes20153040895.
20.mlbPedro Strop201530901027.
21.mlbJavier Lopez201537100464.
22.mlbJason Grilli201538701177.
23.mlbHuston Street201531701187.
24.mlbRafael Betancourt201540901368.
25.mlbDarren O'day201532801258.
26.mlbChris Young201536401388.
27.mlbChasen Shreve201524401057.
28.mlbYimi Garcia201524901479.
29.mlbEvan Scribner2015297013810.
30.mlbAdam Ottavino20152910014210.
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