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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through June 24, 2017
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1.MLBRubby De La Rosa2017281050.
2.MLBZac Rosscup20172910100.
3.MLBErik Goeddel20172820141.
4.MLBAndrew Bailey20173330373.
5.MLBAriel Hernandez20172530434.
6.MLBShane Carle20172510211.
7.MLBHunter Wood2017231050.
8.MLBHuston Street20173310111.
9.MLBPhil Maton20172460604.
10.MLBZach Putnam201729701038.
11.MLBKyle Crick20172410332.
12.MLBCraig Kimbrel20172930049431.
13.MLBBrandon Morrow201732701128.
14.MLBAustin Maddox20172620252.
15.MLBJosh Ravin20172910302.
16.MLBSean Doolittle20173014018212.
17.MLBKenley Jansen20172930043931.
18.MLBCam Bedrosian201725901609.
19.MLBEmilio Pagan2017264014310.
20.MLBBrock Stewart20172510403.
21.MLBFelipe Rivero20172538058740.
22.MLBRoberto Osuna20172231040329.
23.MLBTommy Kahnle20172729043629.
24.MLBRyan Weber20172611523.
25.MLBAdam Warren20172924052832.
26.MLBJohn Brebbia20172710016812.
27.MLBAndrew Miller20173233060538.
28.MLBChih-wei Hu201723401438.
29.MLBPat Neshek20173632044729.
30.MLBWill Harris20173229043530.
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