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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through April 30, 2016
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1.MLBAndrew Triggs20162710141.
2.MLBA.j. Achter20162710111.
3.MLBKyle Crockett2016241050.
4.MLBFranklin Morales2016302070.
5.MLBHector Rondon20162870817.
6.MLBPhil Klein20162750906.
7.MLBAndrew Miller201631901039.
8.MLBJake Diekman2016291101238.
9.MLBDan Otero20163150695.
10.MLBJoba Chamberlain20163060625.
11.MLBNick Vincent2016291001239.
12.MLBDaniel Winkler20162630282.
13.MLBEnny Romero201625801218.
14.MLBDaniel Hudson20162910014710.
15.MLBAlex Wilson20162960976.
16.MLBJhan Marinez20162720202.
17.MLBRyan Dull20162612022414.
18.MLBBlake Snell20162311905.
19.MLBJustin Nicolino20162411997.
20.MLBJoe Blanton2016351001279.
21.MLBJerry Blevins2016321001076.
22.MLBKenley Jansen20162810014510.
23.MLBSergio Romo20163340513.
24.MLBAdam Warren201628701288.
25.MLBNate Jones20163011013910.
26.MLBHeath Hembree201627401389.
27.MLBAdam Liberatore20162970836.
28.MLBMiguel Castro20162160916.
29.MLBPedro Strop2016311101369.
30.MLBJunichi Tazawa2016301001328.
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