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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 4, 2015
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1.MLBJohn Cornely20152610221.
2.MLBGrant Balfour20153760894.
3.MLBDerek Holland2015281191.
4.MLBDonnie Veal20153020392.
5.MLBAndrew Albers20152910352.
6.MLBChris Rearick20152750583.
7.MLBAlexander Claudio20152350292.
8.MLBJuan Jaime20152720361.30.01.327.
9.MLBTodd Redmond20153020994.30.04.310.
10.MLBAl Alburquerque2015291001688.
11.MLBCory Mazzoni20152520632.
12.MLBFernando Abad2015291101257.
13.MLBJose Urena20152320433.
14.MLBDavid Huff20153011684.
15.MLBIan Kennedy2015303323012.712.
16.MLBScott Oberg201525801317.
17.MLBRyan Vogelsong2015375336719.313.
18.MLBJumbo Diaz2015311001738.
19.MLBJason Garcia2015226019210.
20.MLBBrandon Finnegan20152230534.
21.MLBRafael Martin201531401205.
22.MLBBrian Schlitter201529701195.
23.MLBSam Tuivailala20152210292.
24.MLBKendall Graveman2015244429816.316.
25.MLBPhil Klein20152660914.
26.MLBShawn Kelley201531601255.
27.MLBKyle Kendrick2015306654233.
28.MLBTim Stauffer201533801839.
29.MLBScott Baker2015332218511.
30.MLBLatroy Hawkins201542701106.
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