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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 25, 2015
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1.mlbJon Edwards2015271090.
2.mlbJoe Nathan2015401040.
3.mlbGarrett Jones20153410170.70.00.713.
4.mlbCesar Jimenez2015301070.
5.mlbChaz Roe20152810312.
6.mlbFelipe Rivero20152310171.
7.mlbKenley Jansen20152740454.
8.mlbHunter Strickland20152610252.
9.mlbCarter Capps20152430666.
10.mlbJake Mcgee20152830463.
11.mlbJustin Grimm201526801396.
12.mlbCorey Knebel20152330413.
13.mlbClint Robinson2015301091.
14.mlbMiguel Socolovich201528701077.
15.mlbWill Smith20152521026015.
16.mlbJuan Nicasio20152814033218.
17.mlbJosh Fields20152912016310.
18.mlbJerry Blevins20153170565.
19.mlbBrad Boxberger20152718028316.
20.mlbTom Wilhelmsen201531701609.
21.mlbDellin Betances20152721036424.
22.mlbAaron Barrett20152721026216.
23.mlbPedro Baez20152715024015.
24.mlbHector Neris20152620462.
25.mlbRoberto Osuna20152019034422.
26.mlbLuke Hochevar201531601035.
27.mlbDrew Storen20152720028119.
28.mlbRafael Betancourt20154017025616.
29.mlbJoe Smith20153120027618.
30.mlbDavid Robertson20153018027418.
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