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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through July 13, 2014
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1.MLBMike Carp20142810381.
2.MLBTom Layne2014291080.70.00.713.
3.MLBJarrett Grube2014321070.
4.MLBNate Jones20142820290.
5.MLBDaniel Descalso2014271020.
6.MLBRich Hill20143420190.
7.MLBJake Dunning20142510130.70.00.713.
8.MLBLyle Overbay2014371060.
9.MLBSteve Tolleson2014301040.
10.MLBJose Alvarez20142520100.
11.MLBZac Rosscup20142640684.
12.MLBEric O'flaherty20142930483.
13.MLBBrian Flynn20142410533.
14.MLBJoakim Soria20143032046430.
15.MLBJason Lane20143720494.
16.MLBTom Gorzelanny201431901298.
17.MLBDellin Betances20142640084855.
18.MLBRamon Ramirez20143210151.
19.MLBMichael Roth20142410232.
20.MLBAroldis Chapman20142628049228.
21.MLBMike Adams20143519027817.
22.MLBSam Dyson20142650995.
23.MLBWade Davis20142836066038.
24.MLBJake Mcgee20142744063740.
25.MLBCraig Kimbrel20142638064436.
26.MLBAndrew Miller20142943060236.
27.MLBDavid Robertson20142932058732.
28.MLBMatt Albers2014318017110.
29.MLBVinnie Pestano2014291301609.
30.MLBChris Gimenez20143110121.
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