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Data Updated Through September 17, 2014
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1.MLBDan OteroOAKAL20142965081.
2.MLBScott CarrollCHAAL2014292418120.3100.719.
3.MLBTim CollinsKCAAL20142418017.
4.MLBGreg HollandKCAAL20142860057.
5.MLBBlake BeavanSEAAL201425114.
6.MLBRick PorcelloDETAL2014253029197.7195.
7.MLBRyan CookOAKAL20142751048.
8.MLBDanny FarquharSEAAL20142760065.
9.MLBLeury GarciaCHAAL201423101.
10.MLBBlaine HardyDETAL20142734036.
11.MLBDean AnnaNYAAL201427101.
12.MLBJeff BeliveauTBAAL20142725021.
13.MLBBrad BrachBALAL20142841057.
14.MLBEvan ReedDETAL20142831031.
15.MLBRubby De La RosaBOSAL201425171796.
16.MLBDanny WorthDETAL201428202.
17.MLBBrad PeacockHOUAL2014262622123.7114.
18.MLBVinnie PestanoANAAL201429807.
19.MLBVinnie PestanoCLEAL2014291309.
20.MLBAaron PoredaTEXAL20142726021.
21.MLBDavid RobertsonNYAAL20142957058.
22.MLBTommy HunterBALAL20142756058.
23.MLBCorey KluberCLEAL2014283232219.7219.
24.MLBMatt MooreTBAAL2014252210.
25.MLBMitch MorelandTEXAL201428101.
26.MLBRudy OwensHOUAL201426115.
27.MLBLuke PutkonenDETAL201428202.
28.MLBMarc RzepczynskiCLEAL20142867043.
29.MLBDrake BrittonBOSAL201425404.
30.MLBPaul ClemensHOUAL20142613024.
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