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Data Updated Through April 17, 2014
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1.MLBDellin BetancesNYAAL201426504.
2.MLBErik JohnsonCHAAL2014243317.
3.MLBBrandon WorkmanBOSAL201425306.
4.MLBPedro FigueroaTEXAL201428706.
5.MLBPaul ClemensHOUAL201426103.
6.MLBCaleb ThielbarMINAL201427605.
7.MLBScott DownsCHAAL201438702.70.02.716.
8.MLBJoe NathanDETAL201439504.
9.MLBJake PeavyBOSAL2014333318.718.
10.MLBJoe BeimelSEAAL201437606.
11.MLBLucas LuetgeSEAAL201427201.
12.MLBBruce ChenKCAAL2014372210.
13.MLBJohn LackeyBOSAL2014353318.718.
14.MLBBud NorrisBALAL2014292212.
15.MLBJeremy GuthrieKCAAL2014353318.718.
16.MLBBurke BadenhopBOSAL201431607.
17.MLBIvan NovaNYAAL2014273316.716.
18.MLBAlexi OgandoTEXAL201430707.
19.MLBErnesto FrieriANAAL201428706.
20.MLBEsmil RogersTORAL201428608.
21.MLBChris TillmanBALAL2014263321.321.
22.MLBJosh OutmanCLEAL201429605.
23.MLBJames PaxtonSEAAL2014252212.
24.MLBCody AllenCLEAL201425806.
25.MLBCharlie FurbushSEAAL201428604.
26.MLBDanny DuffyKCAAL201425204.
27.MLBJeremy JeffressTORAL201426303.
28.MLBBlake WoodCLEAL201428504.70.04.713.
29.MLBCc SabathiaNYAAL2014333319.
30.MLBErik BedardTBAAL201435102.
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