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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 6, 2015
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1.mlbJon Edwards2015271090.
2.mlbWesley Wright20153020201.
3.mlbJavy Guerra20152930361.
4.mlbAlexander Claudio20152350292.
5.mlbC.j. Riefenhauser20152520321.
6.mlbIke Davis2015281091.
7.mlbKenneth Roberts20152710141.
8.mlbGrant Balfour20153760894.
9.mlbDerek Holland2015281191.
10.mlbScott Copeland20152720413.
11.mlbJames Russell20152910181.
12.mlbMichael Tonkin20152530121.
13.mlbPedro Villarreal20152710192.
14.mlbA.j. Schugel20152610583.
15.mlbSteve Delabar20153110141.
16.mlbJose Urena20152320433.
17.mlbDaniel Coulombe20152510121.
18.mlbJavier Lopez201537120675.
19.mlbSteven Wright20153010795.
20.mlbTim Stauffer201533801839.
21.mlbTanner Roark2015289021714.
22.mlbAustin Adams20152820564.
23.mlbHomer Bailey2015292217111.311.
24.mlbCasey Fien2015319016010.
25.mlbJeremy Affeldt201536110876.
26.mlbKyle Gibson2015275548630.330.
27.mlbTrevor Cahill2015275328115.
28.mlbDale Thayer20153411019312.
29.mlbLogan Verrett201525401639.
30.mlbJake Petricka20152750705.
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