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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through September 23, 2017
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1.MLBJake Esch2017271090.
2.MLBMatthew Koch2017261090.
3.MLBPedro Beato20173010100.
4.MLBDaniel Descalso20173020262.
5.MLBHunter Wood2017231050.
6.MLBDaniel Slania20172510161.
7.MLBThyago Vieira20172310101.
8.MLBAndrew Bailey20173340444.
9.MLBZach Putnam201729701038.
10.MLBDeck Mcguire20172840615.
11.MLBShae Simmons20172660756.
12.MLBCarlos Ramirez2017269015912.
13.MLBJimmie Sherfy2017251001439.
14.MLBDaniel Winkler20172712019312.
15.MLBA.j. Minter20172312017712.
16.MLBCraig Kimbrel201729640109466.
17.MLBKyle Mcgrath20172413023515.
18.MLBKenley Jansen20172963097766.
19.MLBChad Green201726361108465.
20.MLBErick Aybar20173320131.
21.MLBTaylor Williams20172530382.
22.MLBHuston Street20173340574.
23.MLBGarrett Richards2017295534924.
24.MLBRyan Madson20173657081356.
25.MLBRyan Weber20172611523.
26.MLBBlake Parker201732680103865.
27.MLBAndrew Miller20173252091058.
28.MLBChris Volstad20173040988.
29.MLBNoe Ramirez2017279016710.
30.MLBSean Doolittle20173050073548.
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