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Data Updated Through October 21, 2016
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1.MLBAlexi AmaristaSDNNL201627100.
2.MLBTaylor MotterTBAAL201626100.
3.MLBJonathan AroSEAAL201625100.70.00.713.
4.MLBAndrew RomineDETAL201630100.70.00.727.
5.MLBJosh PhegleyOAKAL201628100.
6.MLBCurtis PartchPITNL201629200.70.00.727.
7.MLBRyan LamarreBOSAL201627101.
8.MLBRyan GoinsTORAL201628101.
9.MLBLuis SardinasSEAAL201623101.
10.MLBTyler HoltCINNL201627101.
11.MLBRuben TejadaSLNNL201626101.
12.MLBBranden PinderNYAAL201627101.
13.MLBBlake ParkerSEAAL201631101.
14.MLBJ.b. ShuckCHAAL201629101.
15.MLBTyler LadendorfOAKAL201628101.
16.MLBErik KratzHOUAL201636101.
17.MLBErik KratzPITNL201636101.
18.MLBRyan FlahertyBALAL201629101.
19.MLBScott DiamondTORAL201629101.
20.MLBDaniel WebbCHAAL201626101.
21.MLBDarwin BarneyTORAL201630101.
22.MLBTyler WhiteHOUAL201625101.
23.MLBVin MazzaroSFNNL201629201.
24.MLBMichael KirkmanMILNL201629101.
25.MLBEduardo EscobarMINAL201627101.
26.MLBJared HoyingTEXAL201627101.
27.MLBMichael KirkmanSDNNL201629101.
28.MLBMiguel MonteroCHNNL201632101.
29.MLBDrew ButeraKCAAL201632201.
30.MLBBryan HoladayTEXAL201628101.
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