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Data Updated Through September 1, 2014
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1.MLBJosh OutmanNYAAL201429100.
2.MLBNate JonesCHAAL201428200.
3.MLBRich HillANAAL201434200.
4.MLBKyle DrabekTORAL201426203.
5.MLBRamon RamirezBALAL201432101.
6.MLBHuston StreetANAAL20143019018.
7.MLBHenry RodriguezMIANL201427201.70.01.727.
8.MLBHector AmbrizSDNNL201430102.
9.MLBRyan BuchterATLNL201427101.
10.MLBKyle LobsteinDETAL2014242111.
11.MLBJames RussellATLNL20142813011.
12.MLBJohn AxfordPITNL201431504.
13.MLBJose CisneroHOUAL201425504.
14.MLBEdwin EscobarBOSAL201422101.
15.MLBDavid CarpenterANAAL201426103.
16.MLBJustin MarksKCAAL201426102.
17.MLBDaniel DescalsoSLNNL201427100.
18.MLBCasey ColemanKCAAL201426303.
19.MLBTravis SniderPITNL201426101.
20.MLBJeremy JeffressMILNL20142617015.
21.MLBJorge RondonSLNNL201426101.
22.MLBChris BassittCHAAL201425116.
23.MLBKyle RyanDETAL201422116.
24.MLBBen RowenTEXAL201425808.
25.MLBC.j. RiefenhauserTBAAL201424202.
26.MLBDarin DownsHOUAL20142940031.
27.MLBHeath HembreeBOSAL201425306.
28.MLBAlexander ClaudioTEXAL201422706.
29.MLBBryan MitchellNYAAL201423102.
30.MLBStephen PryorSEAAL201424101.70.01.710.
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