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Data Updated Through August 29, 2014
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1.MLBAnthony VarvaroATLNL20142955049.
2.MLBEric FornataroSLNNL201426809.
3.MLBPhillippe AumontPHINL201425505.
4.MLBFernando RodneySEAAL20143756053.
5.MLBJosh OutmanCLEAL20142931024.
6.MLBMatt ThorntonWASNL201437907.
7.MLBJerome WilliamsHOUAL20143226047.
8.MLBChris CapuanoBOSAL20143528031.
9.MLBJ.j. PutzARINL20143718013.
10.MLBGrant BalfourTBAAL20143652050.
11.MLBJason GrilliANAAL20143729024.
12.MLBChad QuallsHOUAL20143551045.
13.MLBSam FreemanSLNNL20142734031.
14.MLBAdam DunnCHAAL201434101.
15.MLBChris GimenezTEXAL201431101.
16.MLBJuan JaimeATLNL201426908.
17.MLBMark MelanconPITNL20142958055.
18.MLBHector RondonCHNNL20142653052.
19.MLBSergio SantosTORAL20143026021.
20.MLBJoel PeraltaTBAAL20143858055.
21.MLBKyle FarnsworthHOUAL20143816011.
22.MLBScott DownsCHAAL20143838023.
23.MLBScott DownsKCAAL20143812010.
24.MLBJoe NathanDETAL20143951048.
25.MLBJuan OviedoTBAAL20143232031.
26.MLBJoe BeimelSEAAL20143746039.
27.MLBHeath BellTBAAL20143613017.
28.MLBSean BurnettANAAL201431300.
29.MLBMatt GuerrierMINAL20143527028.
30.MLBJustin GermanoTEXAL201431205.
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