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Data Updated Through September 1, 2014
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1.MLBRich HillANAAL201434200.
2.MLBJosh OutmanNYAAL201429100.
3.MLBNate JonesCHAAL201428200.
4.MLBBlake BeavanSEAAL201425114.
5.MLBJason LaneSDNNL2014373110.
6.MLBAaron ThompsonMINAL201427101.
7.MLBDean AnnaNYAAL201427101.
8.MLBJose AlvarezANAAL201425200.
9.MLBLyle OverbayMILNL201437100.
10.MLBShawn CampPHINL201438303.
11.MLBSteve TollesonTORAL201430201.
12.MLBHector NoesiSEAAL201427201.
13.MLBDrew RucinskiANAAL201425101.
14.MLBBrad LincolnPHINL201429202.
15.MLBDrew ButeraLANNL201430201.
16.MLBXavier CedenoWASNL201427303.
17.MLBHector NerisPHINL201425101.
18.MLBMartin MaldonadoMILNL201427101.
19.MLBJeff FrancisNYAAL201433201.
20.MLBSean BurnettANAAL201431300.
21.MLBChris GimenezTEXAL201431101.
22.MLBJarrett GrubeANAAL201432100.
23.MLBEdwin EscobarBOSAL201422101.
24.MLBDavid CarpenterANAAL201426103.
25.MLBDaniel CorcinoCINNL201423101.
26.MLBDanny WorthDETAL201428202.
27.MLBJeff FrancisCINNL201433115.
28.MLBWilton LopezCOLNL201430406.
29.MLBEvan ScribnerOAKAL201428807.
30.MLBSteven WrightBOSAL201429104.
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