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All winter, the BP scouting team will break down each organization to let you know who its top prospects are. They'll also identify three Prospects on the Rise and what sort of depth each franchise has at its disposal--all the Baseball Prospectus exclusive information you need to provide context for those winter trades, spring training heroes, and new-to-the-depth-chart hopefuls. Find out who baseball's top prospects are by visiting this page.

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11-18 Detroit Tigers
Top prospect: Michael Fulmer, RHP

11-24 Los Angeles Angels
Top prospect: Joe Gatto, RHP

12-01 Oakland Athletics
Top prospect: Franklin Barreto, SS

12-10 Tampa Bay Rays
Top prospect: Blake Snell, LHP

12-15 Seattle Mariners
Top prospect: Alex Jackson, OF

12-17 Baltimore Orioles
Top prospect: Hunter Harvey, RHP

12-22 New York Yankees
Top prospect: Aaron Judge, RF

01-13 Chicago White Sox
Top prospect: Tim Anderson, SS

01-15 Cleveland Indians
Top prospect: Bradley Zimmer, OF

01-26 Kansas City Royals
Top prospect: Raul Mondesi, SS

02-02 Houston Astros
Top prospect: Alex Bregman, SS

02-09 Toronto Blue Jays
Top prospect: Anthony Alford, OF

02-23 Boston Red Sox
Top prospect: Yoan Moncada, 2B

03-01 Texas Rangers
Top prospect: Nomar Mazara, OF

03-08 Minnesota Twins
Top prospect: Byron Buxton, OF


11-20 Miami Marlins
Top prospect: Tyler Kolek, RHP

12-03 Milwaukee Brewers
Top prospect: Orlando Arcia, SS

12-08 San Francisco Giants
Top prospect: Christian Arroyo, SS

01-05 Philadelphia Phillies
Top prospect: J.P. Crawford, SS

01-07 Atlanta Braves
Top prospect: Dansby Swanson, SS

01-19 San Diego Padres
Top prospect: Manuel Margot, OF

01-21 Cincinnati Reds
Top prospect: Robert Stephenson, RHP

01-28 St. Louis Cardinals
Top prospect: Alex Reyes, RHP

02-04 Washington Nationals
Top prospect: Lucas Giolito, RHP

02-11 Colorado Rockies
Top prospect: Brendan Rodgers, SS

02-17 Pittsburgh Pirates
Top prospect: Tyler Glasnow, RHP

02-18 Arizona D-backs
Top prospect: Braden Shipley, RHP

02-25 New York Mets
Top prospect: Steven Matz, LHP

03-03 Los Angeles Dodgers
Top prospect: Corey Seager, SS

03-10 Chicago Cubs
Top prospect: Gleyber Torres, SS

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