I’m weak in the knees; aggressively pleased; hand on my heart, fascinated with the beats; fascinated with the uniforms and the cleats; watching the field with eagerness; fortuitous; looking at the roster; explicit and gratuitous.

The top tier; fearless; peerless; Buxton playing the temptress; star among stars; prospect czar; prospect parts; I see you Baez; next in the queue; unglued; exclusive athleticism infused; overly aggressive in your pursuits; overly aggressive fandom retorts.

Stand tall Addison; stand able; tools pristine; left-side conqueror Constantine; stick around on the six; offensive sex with the stick; show off your opposite field; showcasing; shadow-casting; already in the top ten; already one of the top men.

Almora; fantasies amoral; middle-of-the-diamond amoretto; your arrow into our hearts; five-tool stiletto; future of the game; baseball adroit; baseball skills to exploit; strong enough to fail; scouting community hesitant to anoint.

Mr. Hedges, can I offer you my soul; can I offer you a number seven role; pops make my watch distort; catch and throw and a leadership character cameo; field orchestral impresario; tougher out/better bat than you might know; occasional statistical no-show; top ten for me; top ten, believe.

Cuba stay on the field; fires burn brighter than the flash; solar-cells; Soler-sails; raw pop from a prototypical corner spot; breaking ball bat called the quiescent crop; instant gratification when you maintain your path; sweet-spot connection; first-division direction; countryman elevating the expectations.

#TheLegend; the bear; star power apparent; you already know it; Cristiano-styled hair; Cristiano-styled flare; duality of the dual-threat; develop as planned; myth becomes the tangible man; rocket raw and the right arm of the law; Alfaro, its there if you want it; Alfaro, you wouldn’t want to disappoint it; the legend could be a perfect fit; now go own it.

Another Cub; another reason for recreational drugs; your swing makes the embryo sprout; Bryant I have few doubts; ready for Wrigley at some point next year; ready for a decade of cheers; ridicule; hit less than 30 bombs; non-renewal of the lease; tickle us in Arizona with your ferocious beast; such power; eager for the physical release.

Siblings in the sun; spotlight will soon be singular; not sure you stick at shortstop, Seager; a few defensive particulars; bat-to-ball vehicular; autobahn hands and path to the ball extra-curricular; you will produce; you were born in 1994?; apologies…underrated prospect divorce.

Hungry for more; Japhet Amador eating baseballs covered in pure honey off the locker room floor; Amador dripping the post-game spread from his pores; hit the ball and the major leagues could be yours; 300 pounds is a generous offer; teddy-boy coif and a pleasant smile in the aesthetic coffers; collapsing back leg but barreling like wood was your feed; find a way to stick in the lineup says the team with numerous offensive needs.

Alen Hanson with a stance to prove; hit-tool at second base or a left-side of the infield face; failure not disguised as disgrace; the bat will play at the highest level of games; hard to diagnose; developmental course; developmental attrition and the positional remorse; 21 for 2014; I’m either too hot or too cold; I won’t get you right; I apologize in advance for any potential slight.

Book me a flight; can’t wait to swoon; can’t wait to book a room; please say I can book a room; can’t wait to sketch your scouting silhouettes in Bob Carpenter’s book; can’t wait to participate in your launch to the moon; to your advance or decline; prospect prance; prospect prom; this is to your progressions that are much to my delight; the excitement I find in this vocational dance; Arizona this is our time.