It won't surprise many that Billy Hamilton is leading all prospects in stolen bases, but who's no. 2? Which top prospect has the most wild pitches?

You can now get those answers easily, as I'm happy to announce that the Prospect Tracker is back for another season. The 2013 version features leaders and detailed statistics for each organization's Top 10 Prospects as ranked by Jason Parks and the Baseball Prospectus prospects team.

The leaderboard and statistics for the 2013 Top 101 Prospects list (as featured in Baseball Prospectus 2013 and the extremely impending Baseball Prospectus Futures Guide 2013) and all the historical rankings you're used to seeing are available as well.

Baseball Prospectus has really stepped up its prospect coverage this year, and the statistics provided by the Prospect Tracker are the perfect complement. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to provide feedback in the comments section.