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BP Celebrates Ken Griffey Jr.

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BP Celebrates Ken Griffey Jr Relive Ken Griffey Jr's Hall of Fame career with this one of a kind digital magazine. From appreciating his all-around gifts at the plate and in the field, to recognizing his tremendous impact on baseball culture and investigating what might have been if injuries hadn't sapped him of playing time while still in his prime, this magazine has everything a Griffey fan needs to celebrate his Hall of Fame induction. Unlike a printed magazine, this digital publication has innovative interactive features, with all of his Baseball Prospectus Annual blurbs available at the tap of a finger in addition to embedded video clips that highlight some of the of great moments from his career.

Table of Contents

  • A Staggeringly Complete Player by Brendan Gawlowski
  • [Archives] Breaking Balls: The Griffeys by Derek Zumsteg
  • What's Missing? by Doug Thorburn
  • Infographic: What Could Have Been
  • [Archives] One Hoppers: Ken Griffey Jr Bows Out by Jay Jaffe
  • Moment in Time: BP Annual Comments
  • It's a Game by Jeff Long
  • [Archives] Prospectus Today: Last Call for an Icon by Joe Sheehan
  • Wildly Different Paths by Christopher Crawford
  • [Archives] Lineup Card: Nine Hyped Prospect First Weeks by BP staff

How to Experience the BP Celebrates Ken Griffey Jr. Issue:

  • Download the BP Celebrates Ken Griffey Jr. Issue to your device.
  • Use the interactive features to navigate through the content.

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BP Celebrates Ken Griffey Jr.

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