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This is a RHP vs. RHH matchup.

Pitch Count Freq Velo (mph) pfx HMov (in.) pfx VMov (in.)
Fourseam (FA)2751%94.96-6.239.03
Slider (SL)713%87.98-0.353.11
Curveball (CU)24%77.777.37-6.95
Changeup (CH)12%88.69-10.243.78

Detailed Matchups:
1. 2009-03-21 [Strikeout] NT(0) NT(0) NT(0)
2. 2012-03-12 [Home Run] NT(0) NT(0) NT(0) NT(0)
3. 2012-03-12 [Walk] NT(0) NT(0) NT(0) NT(0)
4. 2012-09-01 [Home Run] FA(94) FA(95) FA(95) CU(77) SL(86) CU(78)
5. 2012-09-01 [Double] FA(94) FA(95)
6. 2012-09-29 [Walk] SL(88) FA(94) SL(89) FA(96) SL(89)
7. 2012-10-08 [Double] FA(94) FA(94) FA(95) FA(95) FA(95)
8. 2012-10-08 [Groundout] FA(94) FA(95) FA(94) FA(95) FA(95) FA(95)
9. 2013-03-08 [Walk] NT(0) NT(0) NT(0) NT(0)
10. 2013-03-08 [Single] NT(0)
11. 2013-09-25 [Grounded Into DP] FA(96) FA(96) FA(95) FA(97) CH(89) FA(97)
12. 2013-09-25 [Strikeout] FA(96) FA(96) SL(88)
13. 2013-09-25 [Strikeout] FA(95) SL(87) FA(95) SL(88)